Making My Skin Even Better

3 Dermatological Services That Are Critical For Severe Acne

by Virgil Mccoy

Although most people will experience some breakouts during their lifetime, for others, their acne is severe and there seems like little can be done to achieve clearer skin. Instead of wasting your efforts on retail products that are not working, consulting a dermatologist can be the best investment in your skin.


It is easy to assume that severe breakouts are related to poor skin care or wearing makeup, but this is often far from the truth. Many people with severe acne have purchased numerous products and developed a skin care routine that is supposed to reduce acne but were still unsuccessful. An evaluation by a dermatologist is the only way to know the exact type of issue you have and how to best treat it. Different types of breakouts are caused by specific skin problems. For example, if you frequently have clogged pores, this can result in blackheads and whiteheads. Some people have a tendency to develop cystic acne, which is often large, painful, and harder to control. This may be caused by hormones or a genetic predisposition to produce more oil, leading to clogged pores and infections. Each issue may need to be treated with different products and procedures by your dermatologist.


Your dermatologist might schedule you for one or more extraction sessions, which can be part of an overall plan to reduce acne, minimize scarring, and make you feel more comfortable with your skin. If you have blackheads, whiteheads, or milia, extractions are the fastest way to unclog pores or to help flatten raised bumps. Most blackheads can be successfully removed with a comedone extractor. In some cases, blackheads that are stuck or especially large might require your dermatologist to make a small cut in the skin to help with extraction. Both whiteheads and milia require a small cut in the skin and the use of a comedone extractor to remove the contents underneath the skin. Some of these skin concerns can be reduced by routinely using an exfoliating product, such as a chemical exfoliant or retinols prescribed by your dermatologist. Once your skin is relatively clear, you have a clean base to start using products that will hopefully minimize the recurrence.


In the case of other forms of acne, especially cystic acne, extraction is not an option because it can make the problem worse and spread bacteria. Your dermatologist may recommend steroid injections for active areas. The steroids can reduce pain and redness, possibly shrinking the area faster than it would go away without treatment. In addition to the spot treatment of breakouts with steroids, your dermatologist may recommend different oral or topical medications. Usually, people with severe acne that is suspected to be caused by bacteria will receive oral or topical antibiotics. In some cases, antibiotics may not be effective or the problem promptly returns.

Isotretinoin is a powerful medication that is often used when other treatments have not been helpful. One of the major benefits of isotretinoin is it helps reduce oil production, which can minimize or eliminate cystic acne after going through a course of treatment. Treatment with isotretinoin can be especially intensive because it takes months of consistent use to be effective. Additionally, many people experience significant dryness to their skin and mucous membranes while taking the medication.

It is also important to remember you may need additional protection from sunlight, since your skin will be more sensitive during treatment. Wearing sunscreen and reapplying often is critical for preventing sun damage. Additionally, you may want to wear hats or use another barrier to protect your sensitive skin from the sun. Although treatment can seem daunting, it is often the best decision for people with severe, painful, and treatment-resistant acne.

When basic skin care products and a good skin care routine is not enough to minimize or prevent severe acne, seeing a dermatologist is needed. Investing in professional treatments can help you achieve clearer skin for the rest of your life. Visit offices like the Florida Dermatologic Surgery & Aesthetics Institute for more information.