Making My Skin Even Better

How to Reduce the Development of Wrinkles

by Virgil Mccoy

Getting wrinkles as you get older is a part of life, and can't be completely avoided. However, you can make a big difference in your skin if you know what to do. This can mean the difference between having deep wrinkles and creases or minor fine lines. If you want to do everything that you can to reduce your development of wrinkles, then here's a three-step plan to do just that.

Sun Exposure

One of the biggest factors for premature aging is sun exposure. While exposure to the sun is a necessity to produce Vitamin D in the body, too much sun exposure damages the skin on several levels. In addition to harming the surface, UV rays can damage the DNA of your skin cells, making them less effective at replacing themselves when they get old, which can make wrinkles appear sooner and deeper.

The best thing you can do to avoid this problem is to wear good sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection. Look for high levels of SPF and UPF (often written as PA+ on the packaging) and make sure to wear it even on cloudy days, as UV rays can still penetrate even when the light can't.


Another big problem many people don't think about is what they're eating and how that impacts their bodies. Sugar is a huge problem because it increases inflammation in the body, which can prematurely age your skin. Inflammation and swelling from things like sodium can also cause your skin to repeatedly stretch and shrink as your water retention and inflammation levels rise and fall, respectively, which can lead to your skin becoming loose and saggy over time. Cutting out sugar and reducing how much salt you can consume can help with this.


Finally, one external thing you can do to help reduce the development of wrinkles is to get Botox as soon as possible. Botox is effective because it helps to reduce the amount of movement that your muscles make, which protects the skin and prevents wrinkles from forming in the first place. While Botox can help at any age, if you get it before wrinkles start to form, it can help to keep them at bay for years.

Getting Botox is a simple process that can be done in-office in the hands of a dermatologist. Once the procedure is complete, you can immediately go back to your daily life, safe in the knowledge that you're doing everything you can to maintain your youthful appearance.