Making My Skin Even Better

Signs You May Benefit From Botox And Similar Injections

by Virgil Mccoy

Did you know you can go to the dermatologist for your cosmetic as well as medical skin needs? Your dermatologist is as equally capable of giving you Botox injections and similar care as they are able to treat your acne and other skin conditions.

While facial injections aren't for everyone, they do have their place in a skincare routine, especially if a patient is worried about overly expressive skin or has other issues they want to address with wrinkling and fine lines. Did you know that some cosmetic injections can even be used to battle excessive sweating and to help stop headaches? Speak to your dermatologist about all the options available with injectables so you get the most out of your experience.

Here are signs you may benefit from Botox injections and similar treatments. Always get these treatments done at your dermatologist's office and never in an amateur fashion so you know what you're getting put into your body is not only legitimate but also delivered in safe amounts and intervals. You want to make sure your injections are put in the right areas of your body when you have them put in. 

You have deepening wrinkles and fine lines

Forehead and under-eye wrinkles are commonly formed when you make a lot of facial expressions and/or have thinner skin around these areas. While forehead wrinkles and other blemishes on the face are perfectly normal and even allow for healthy expression, if you are self-conscious about your own facial expressions or if you worry about looking older because of them, your dermatologist can help.

Injectables help to make your skin healthier and happier and can even help even out your skin and make you more comfortable. If you have deepening lines in your face, see what types of injectables will work best for you. Depending on what you're wanting to treat, your dermatologist may recommend Botox or recommend something else entirely.

You have excessive sweating or headache pain

The muscle-freezing component of some types of injectables not only helps make wrinkles less prevalent, but they also work to make sweaty areas less sweaty and can block the nerves that cause pain as well. Your dermatologist can help you sweat less or experience less migraine pain with the use of some treatments that involve Botox or some other treatment.

You may have to have repeat treatments over time based on what you need to have done. Speak to your dermatologist to learn more about how you can treat your skin.