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Melanoma Treatment Options For A Wide Range Of Different Patients

by Virgil Mccoy

All melanomas need to be taken seriously, but it's certainly possible for melanoma patients to become healthy again. Melanomas can be relatively simple to address when doctors catch them at an early stage. These melanomas are often addressed surgically. 

Some Melanoma Patients Can Be Successfully Treated Using Relatively Simple Surgical Techniques

If the melanoma in question hasn't progressed very much, it's possible that only the patient's epidermis has been affected. If that's the case, it should be possible to excise the melanoma relatively easily. Surgeons will have to remove some healthy skin in the process, but it won't make a huge difference. 

At that point, medical professionals will try to determine whether or not any of the surrounding skin contains cancer cells. However, even if the professionals find any cancer cells, they will usually just need to repeat the process. Of course, if they're trying to remove a melanoma from a patient's face or hands, the situation could get more complicated. 

Specialists Who Are Trying to Choose the Right Treatment Methods Will Take The Melanoma's Location Into Account

Many melanoma patients will specifically develop melanomas on their faces. People are more likely to get skin cancer if they spend a lot of time in the sun without wearing sunscreen. Clothing can protect the skin from the sun, so people are more likely to develop melanomas on their hands and faces.

Facial skin tends to be comparatively sensitive. Lots of patients are also worried about having surgical scars on their faces. Fortunately, patients will be less likely to end up with permanent scars if they receive specific new types of melanoma treatment.

The melanoma's location will also matter when it comes to the severity of the condition itself. Melanomas are considered much more serious when the cancer has started to affect the lymph nodes. At that point, medical professionals will need to pursue more treatment options in order to help their patients. 

Medical Professionals May Need To Use Multiple Treatment Methods In Order To Address Advanced Melanomas 

Treating advanced melanomas can involve several steps. The tumor itself will certainly need to be removed. The patient's lymph nodes will also have to be dissected. Medical professionals will often use radiation therapy in order to continue to suppress the cancer at this stage. Vaccines, targeted therapies, and various medications can help stop the cancer cells that may have already spread throughout the patient's system.